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Music & Sound – Strange Arrangements

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Radium Audio collaborated with ‘Weareseventeen’ on this Strange Arrangements film for London’s Onedotzero festival. Their role was to create the sound and music for the film, which was based on a series of moving sculptures based on the surrealists approach to art. They wanted something magical to happen on this film as the music score was deeply rich and the piano and string timbre quite immense. The sound design score was really free to get wild and out there and no one cared if it matched. These visuals are out of this world so again their approach was to record everything we see in the film and put it into the music and sound design.They focused on creating a stranger piece of work as they had just come back from recording guns so had lots of unusual timbres to play with at hand.Their art and craft of recording is evident in the richness of the sounds.They used microphones which are ultra small so we could get close to their subject matter, this was very important to get those intimate close mic’ed sounds. DPA 4060 were our choice.

All Credits : Radium Audio

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