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Angus Green – Interview

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Tell us a bit about your upcoming release with Chilla Holla?

Eternal is all about simplicity. I often struggle with getting easily distracted and going off on tangents when I produce so I focused hard on holding back on this release.

How do you feel the newest release defines your direction moving forward?
I feel strongly about creating dance music with a more musical element and avoiding getting bogged down in the technical side of production. This release is definitely a step that that direction for me.

Much upcoming projects in a similar vein ?
Nothing solid yet but I do have a lot of things in the works!

How do you feel about the current status of Melbournes music scene, what space do you see yourself occupying in coming years?
I honestly feel the Melbourne scene is currently in one of the best places I have ever seen it. There are a lot of really good crews coming together and working on some fantastic events and really supporting each other. I feel very privileged to be involved with a lot of these guys and play my part in building this community.

Where are you currently drawing inspiration from ?
That’s a difficult question from me as I draw inspiration from a lot of places, but I’d definitely say I have drawn from the the UK Garage scene a lot recently. Artists like MOAD, Kobe Jt, Royal Flush, Moony and many more are really pushing that sound right now.

Current Favourite production tool?
Is and always has been Zebra 2 by U-He. One of the best soft synths in the game and I have been using it religiously since day 1.

Vibes or Technicality ?
Vibes always. I appreciate technicality but it won’t make me dance.

Most used aussie slang/word in the last year?

Worst aussie slang/word in the last year?
There’s no such thing.

Favourite gig played in the past 5 years?
Probably supporting Rob Clouth a couple of years ago. I played a very garage driven bass set to a crowd who was quite unfamiliar with it and the response was amazing.

Upcoming shows/events leading into Aus summer ?
Definitely looking forward to launching my EP at the first SWRVE, a new night held by Plasma Records, Chilla Holla, The Operatives and BBA.

Producers to watch out for in Australia?
Kodiak Kid for sure, it’s great to see him apply his incredible dj skills into production finally. Also I think Able8 is one of the most underrated producers in Australia right now.

Shout outs ?
So many I could think of, but right now huge shout outs to Ben Safire and Akane (Muga Line) for pushing me to get back into production and get this release out. They have been a huge inspiration and help over the last year.

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