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Proximity could be called a panning tool, or simply a stereo tool, but perhaps we should just bluntly call it the fader of the future. This free plugin for Logic Pro enables you to psychoacoustically position audio, and lets you manipulate the depth of sounds in a straightforward manner by combining several psychoacoustic phenomena that come into play when you’re mixing audio.


Proximity is based on several psychoacoustic models and lets you manipulate the following:

  • Distance signal delay by the speed of sound.
  • Distance gain loss.
  • Absorption of high frequencies in air, based on ISO 9613-1
  • Stereo Width modification caused by distance changes, through M/S processing.
  • Proximity effect of microphones.
  • Distance based early reflections.

Furthermore, each of the psychoacoustic models can be turned on and off, and the distance modulation options that Proximity offers extend the creative possibilities even further (Doppler Effect). Units can be switched from Metric to British Imperial.

Proximity is available for Mac AU/VST (32/64bit) and Windows VST (32/64bit).

More info, download (includes manual and installation instructions):

Tokyo Dawn Records – Proximity


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