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IKEA HACK : DIY Studio Desk

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Picture of OMG the kitchen table became my desk

It all starts with IKEA  :
It is a real cheap real wood table. Costs a 100 bucks here in Australia.It is filed as a kitchen table, and that’s true. But I really like the premium pine, and enjoy minimalism, so why don’t use it as a desk?

Step 1: Proof of concept

Picture of Proof of concept

On the right side you can place your audio equipment (a soundcard or a synth).
The left side could be used for a laptop

Step 2: The headphone holder

Picture of The headphone holder
This is from IKEA, it is a wall clothes holder but it works perfectly to hold my headphones 🙂

Step 3: The shelf

Picture of The shelf
The shelf over the desk is quite simple, I made it using wood.
Fix the shelf using screws.
Very minimal, very simple, very good.

Step 4: The cables holes

Picture of The cables holes
I have made a couple of big holes to let me hide the laptop cables.
To make the holes better looking, I used some can caps.
Oh, I wanted something which could keep balance the cables. The caps were perfect for that.

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